While we often focus here on the tools and resources that allow companies to start and grow, those new and expanding (and really all) organizations eventually face some human resources challenges. Appropriately dealing with those situations is important to continued success.

The Indiana Chamber works with leading attorneys and issue experts to make available a library of leading Indiana-specific compliance guides. In other words, if questions arise or an incident occurs, these publications – available electronically and in book form – are an invaluable first stop. Better yet, use the resources in advance to help prevent potential problems down the road.

Let’s briefly highlight three. All are recently updated and especially timely:

  • Immigration Guide for Indiana Employers. The sixth edition includes details on work visa options, Green Card processes, E-verify rules and obligations and much more. Yes, many questions remain due to uncertainty in federal law. But this updated edition provides answers and guidance to help navigate a complicated area of talent attraction.
  • Indiana Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment. There is maybe no more of a pressing issue in today’s workplaces. Among the key topics: the growing types of harassment; how social media can play into the equation; and case law, checklists and sample policies. The key word here – prevention.
  • Employment Law Handbook. The “granddaddy” of Chamber publications is now in its 14th edition. It covers a wide range of state and federal employment law matters, doing so in easy-to-understand language. Many human resources professionals, benefits administrators and management consultants consider it an indispensable guide.

Indiana Chamber members receive discounts on all publications. Check out the full list of offerings, including mandatory workplace posters.

Bill Waltz is vice president of taxation & public finance for the Indiana Chamber. He is also an attorney and has been with the organization for nearly 15 years.