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Studies / Reports

Two-Page Impact Reports on Prior Indiana Chamber Foundation Studies (2019)

Making Water Work: Research Continues to Drive Long-Term Planning – An engaged advisory council and a a collaborative approach were among the keys to a 2014 study that yields significant impact on the way to a long-term water resources plan.

Economic Vision 2010: We’ve Come a Long Way in 20 Years – Many of the goals and initiatives identified in the lead-up to the Indiana Chamber’s first economic development plan were right on target – and significant progress has been achieved.

Indiana Venture Capital Study: Then and Now – First in the series, this update tracks Indiana’s nearly two-decade history with the venture capital investment tax credit and the effect on venture capital funding for entrepreneurs in the state.

School Corporation Size & Student Performance: Evidence From Indiana (August 2017)

School corporation size has a direct impact on student achievement. And more than half of Indiana school corporations are too small to produce the most effective outcomes. Comprehensive analysis and modeling in this report reveals improved outcomes if school corporations contain between 2,000 and 2,999 students.

Indiana Vision 2025 (December 2011; latest Report Card, June 2019)

Indiana Vision 2025 is a comprehensive, multi-year initiative, coordinated by the Indiana Chamber, to provide direction, leadership and a long-range economic development strategy for the state of Indiana. It builds on past efforts, specifically the Indiana Chamber’s Economic Vision 2010 initiative. The goal: “Indiana will be a global leader in innovation and economic opportunity where enterprises and citizens prosper.”

Work Share Questions and Answers (January 2016)

This research on the work sharing policy illustrates the benefits of such a program for employees, employers and the state when the next economic downturn hits.

Indiana’s Water Supply and Economic Development (August 2014)

While Indiana currently has abundant supplies compared to many areas of the country, the state ranks first in the United States in the percentage of its economy that depends on water. Proper management and a long-term plan are needed to ensure adequate fresh water for citizens and businesses in the future.

Indiana School Counseling Research Review (2014-2016)

School counselors are not able to meet the range of postsecondary needs of students, due in large part to a stagnant system and a variety of situations often out of their control. What we have is a counseling issue, not an issue with the counselors. In fact, the vast majority of counselors in the survey said they would like to spend more time providing college and career guidance.

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