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Chamber’s Annual D.C. Fly-in Returns in September

One of the Indiana Chamber’s annual marquee policy events – the D.C. Fly-in on September 26-27 – is less than 80 days away. The gathering traditionally draws 100 business and community leaders from throughout the state. “It’s the perfect opportunity to influence Hoosier decision-makers on the issues before Congress that are most important to their company,” says Greg Ellis, Indiana Chamber vice president of energy and environmental policy, and federal relations. Building upon last [...]

Help Shape Season 2 of the EchoChamber

For those who listen regularly or occasionally to the EchoChamber podcast, thank you for the gift of your time and attention. We know how valuable both are and appreciate your choice to tune in to our conversations. If you have not had the opportunity to listen, we invite you to do so in the upcoming season two. No matter which group you fall into, we ask for just a few additional minutes. Let us [...]

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Science Says: Read More Books

I hated reading when I was small. I even distinctly remember the reading contest we had at school and my plan was to game the system by reading very short books that were, on second thought, probably board books from my babyhood. Yeah … I didn’t get away with that. My parents forced me to start reading actual books and while I grumbled at the time, I grew to love reading very quickly. I would [...]