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A Welcome Goodbye to Double Taxation

One element of the Governor’s 2019  successful economic development legislation, Senate Enrolled Act 563, made a significant change to tax policy regarding how Indiana apportions income derived from the sale of a service – aka what is taxable in Indiana. The provisions switch Indiana from what is known as the cost of performance (COP) method to the market-based sourcing (MBS) method. This is a big deal for businesses with a portion of their sales [...]

Tech Talk: Drive for Evidence-Based Policy

In Chamberworld, "policy development" is the process of identifying issues of public concern and proposing well-researched solutions that can be implemented by policymakers. This usually comes in the form of legislation, administrative rule or executive order. The Indiana Chamber has 14 committees that develop policy on broad ranges of subject matter including higher education, civil justice, energy, infrastructure, health care and the environment – all focusing on "issues of broad business interest." The end [...]

You Can Learn to be Likable

I’ve seen not one, but two articles recently about the traits of likeable people (I’m choosing not to read too far into that – either way). So, it serves to think that people are wondering about certain traits that make a person pleasing to be around in day-to-day life. One of those articles lists 28 characteristics, another lists 11 and the overlap is consistent, which leads me to believe this is solid advice. If [...]

June 5th, 2019|

Chamber Staff Participates in Narcan Training

The Indiana Chamber and our affiliate programs have focused a lot of time, energy and resources on helping employers and Hoosiers understand the impact of the opioid crisis in Indiana and the importance of educating others on ways they can help in their communities. At the first round of employer opioid strategy convenings held throughout the state earlier this year, the Wellness Council of Indiana and Indiana Workforce Recovery offered optional Narcan trainings at [...]

June 4th, 2019|

Tech Talk: Our Story … and Your Stories

While the focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is greater now than ever, obviously there is a long history of seemingly simple ideas growing into the "next big thing." The first two installments of the Indiana Icons series in BizVoice® magazine spotlighted individuals (Carl Erskine and Jim Morris). The current article goes behind the scenes of a brand that began with two friends working on a ping pong table in one of their homes. Barbara [...]

May 29th, 2019|Tags: , , |