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Tech Talk: Making Money From Your Data

There has been a lot of chatter recently about “data privacy” and whether the federal government will pass legislation or leave it to state action. Last week, 51 major CEOs signed a letter to Congress asking for a federal privacy statute. This echoes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s position, which has proposed model federal privacy legislation that protects consumers without stifling innovation. Who opposes said law? In very simple terms, those who favor consumer-friendly (or “pro-privacy”) [...]

September 19th, 2019|Tags: , , |

Flex Your Mental Muscles

It’s Friday the 13th! Keeping with the “13” theme, check out these tips from a Lifehack blog entitled, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do outlining several positive ways to manage emotions, thoughts and behaviors. My favorites (excerpted): They Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves Mentally strong people don’t sit around feeling sorry about their circumstances or how others have treated them. Instead, they take responsibility for their role in life and understand [...]

September 13th, 2019|Tags: , , |

Tech Talk: Velocities, MPH, Venture Funding and More

Since the introduction of the Indiana Vision 2025 economic development plan in 2012, the Chamber’s BizVoice® magazine has produced more than 200 stories related to the four drivers. The current issue includes these offerings, and more, tied to the Dynamic and Creative Culture pillar: Velocities is the new Elevate Ventures regional initiative bringing Bloomington and Columbus together. A number of assets – including The Mill in Bloomington and The Fish Tank in Columbus – are already in place. The collaboration is [...]

September 12th, 2019|

BizVoice Extra: Pooling Data and Heightening Potential

Picture this. Manilla folders and papers strewn across a table. Towering piles of documents devoured in drawers. So much information. Even if it’s well organized, there’s a lack of coordination among the various repositories. Connecting the pieces would enhance its value. Electronic data is no exception. The Management Performance Hub (MPH) collects data from disparate sources (state agencies, community organizations, for-profits and non-profits) to create visualization tools that help drive outcomes for Hoosiers. Many [...]

September 11th, 2019|Tags: , , |

New Soft Skills Training Available to Aid Workforce

In response to workforce needs and demands, the Indiana Chamber has launched a new training series titled “BOOST”, which aims to provide that jumpstart for employees by helping them acquire the skills needed to be effective in today’s workplace. When employers find people to fill their positions who have the technical skills, these newcomers often haven’t yet advanced their soft skills. These are fundamental skills that dramatically impact overall job performance and career development. [...]

September 9th, 2019|Tags: , , , , |