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Tech Talk: Bid to Lure Film Production Continues

From Hoosiers to Rudy and beyond, Indiana is known as the home for some compelling motion pictures that stand the test of time. But Angelo Pizzo, the producer of those iconic movies, says they would not be shot in the state today due to the lack of incentives for filmmakers. As the 2019 Indiana General Assembly session winds down, efforts continue to change that. Proponents tout the film and media production rebate program as [...]

April 24th, 2019|

Teaming Up to Help with Hunger

There were over 170,000 Hoosiers in Marion County alone facing food insecurity in 2016, according to Feeding America. That includes more than 46,000 children. Numbers are one thing, but it’s sobering to see food insecurity up close, which is what the communications team of the Indiana Chamber did last week at a local food rescue organization known as Second Helpings. A few years ago, our senior staff instituted 16 paid hours annually to volunteer [...]

April 23rd, 2019|Tags: , , , , |

BizVoiceExtra: Point of Pride

The (motivational) writing is on the wall in a room at Goodwill Commercial Services (GCS) in Indianapolis. It bears inspiring inscriptions from graduates of New Beginnings, a six-month program that combines on-the-job experience and classroom training for ex-offenders. “I put my quote up there on that wall (on graduation day in 2018),” forklift operator Greg Perry reveals during a BizVoice® visit. “It says, ‘It seems hard in the beginning, but in the end, it [...]

Turkey Run Named to Historic Places Register

If you grew up anywhere near west or west-central Indiana, chances are you’ve spent some time at Turkey Run State Park. I’m from one county over (shout out, Putnam County!) and we played tennis tournaments at the state park, hiked there during the summers with school or church youth groups, cooled off in Sugar Creek, explored amazing rock formations and just spent time enjoying our natural resources. There’s a soft spot in my heart [...]

The Great Bachelor’s Debate: Community College, University Leadership Divided

A new survey from Inside Higher Ed shows a divide along institutional lines over the question of whether two-year colleges should offer bachelor’s degrees. About half of the states currently enable those institutions to award the degrees. Perhaps unsurprisingly, community college and university presidents are deeply divided over the idea. Sixty-eight percent of presidents at public and private four-year institutions did not support the idea of offering bachelor’s degrees at two-year colleges. Seventy-five percent [...]