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The Indiana Chamber’s Greg Ellis (left) talks water resources with Sen. Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso).

Policy Center

NEW: In our latest Interim Updates: Chamber releases 2019 legislative priorities (11/19); and analysis of the 2018 midterm election and full results, plus the latest on online sales tax collection and prospects for medical marijuana in Indiana (11/7). 

The Indiana Chamber is the only statewide organization focused on the full range of public policies at the General Assembly. We have a team of issue experts who work on your behalf daily at the Statehouse when the Legislature is in session. During the interim, they are meeting with legislators and Chamber members on these important issues and preparing for the next legislative cycle.

With the impact legislation has on all Hoosiers, the Indiana Chamber strives to keep member companies and citizens alike informed of the organization’s activities at the Statehouse and in Congress through a variety of resources:

Chamber’s Top Policy Victories

These results were all important to enhancing Indiana’s business climate, and the Indiana Chamber played a key role – either as a staunch advocate or leading defender.

2019 Top Legislative Priorities

Numerous topics, some anticipated and others unexpected, come to the forefront each year at the General Assembly. The Indiana Chamber, through its policy committee work with volunteer members, is ready for action. These are the organization’s top pre-session priorities.

2018 Legislative Vote Analysis

Details the pro-economy, pro-jobs voting records for state lawmakers.

2018 Return on Investment

Annual financial impact assessment links the Indiana Chamber’s Statehouse lobbying efforts to your company’s bottom line.

2018 Final Legislative Report

Recaps the final status of important business legislation that came before the 2018 General Assembly.

2018 Legislative Agenda

Details the Indiana Chamber’s position on actual bills introduced in the Indiana Houseo and Senate.

2018 Legislative Business Issues

Summarizes the Indiana Chamber’s position on various public policies for both the state Legislature and Congress.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

This free guide is all about how legislation turns into state law; includes a diagram of the bill process and glossary of terms.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

The Chamber’s “Grassroots” web site makes it easy for you to learn more about key issues and to let your voice be heard with your legislators. You’ll find bill summaries, template letters for you to customize and your legislators’ contact information.

Federal Matters

Learn about the Indiana Chamber’s activities with Congress and the Trump administration.