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2020 Indiana General Assembly Legislative Directory

Price Volume Pricing
Handbook $9.99 1-25 copies: $9.99
26-99 copies: $8.99
100+ copies: $6.50
Mobile App $8.99 1-25 downloads: $8.99
26-99 downloads: $7.99
100+ downloads: $5.50
Handbook & App Bundle $15.25 1-25 bundles: $15.25
26-99 bundles: $13.75
100+ bundles: $9.25
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Product Description

This helpful guide contains contact information for all 150 state legislators, including committee assignments, photos, biographies and more.

The directory features:

  • Full-color photos and district maps for each legislator
  • Legislator biographies, photos, contact information and office locations
  • Committee assignments and leadership lists—updated!
  • Updated seating charts
  • Cross index by county and district number

Mobile App – Phones only

In addition to the features above, the mobile app features automatic updates, the ability to “favorite” legislators and committees for quick reference and interaction, the ability to download legislators into your mobile phone contacts list.

The 2020 Legislative Directory mobile app is available now and will be continuously updated as new information becomes available. (Due to developer issues, this app is ONLY available for iPhone. We are working on a solution to make this available for Android users as soon as possible.)

Installation instructions:

  1. Using the purchase button above, purchase your desired number of access codes
  2. Download the Indiana Legislative Directory app from the Apple or Google Play app store
  3. Using your email address and the access code sent to you via email, log-in to the mobile app

Bulk purchases utilize a common access code for your company. If you purchase 10 licenses, you may access the mobile app from up to 10 devices, regardless of the email address used during log-in.

For questions on installation, please contact customer service via email or call (800) 824-6885.

Hard Copy Shipping Information

1 to 25 copies: $5.00
26 to 99 copies: $7.00
100+ copies: $12.00