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The Institute for Workforce Excellence® is dedicated to helping businesses attract, develop and retain the talent that will drive a highly skilled and productive workforce (see announcement and results from our employer survey). The Institute brings together tools and resources to assist in building your talent pipeline (with new initiatives to come in 2019):

The Indiana Chamber is the leading broad-based advocacy association in the state, with numerous education and workforce public policy victories. The organization’s Indiana Vision 2025 plan, featuring the Outstanding Talent driver, sets the long-range goals and helps drive the initiatives to achieve progress.

The Indiana Chamber Foundation has been producing practical policy research since 1981 to improve the state’s economic climate. An annual workforce survey identifying the pulse of the business community is accompanied by in-depth study and analysis on the most relevant issues.

Developed as a result of Foundation research, Indiana INTERNnet establishes internship connections between students and employers on a statewide basis. The program has been managed by the Indiana Chamber since 2006 – with nearly 90,000 students and more than 8,400 businesses utilizing the service.

Established in 2018, in conjunction with Gov. Holcomb as part of the state’s response to the opioid epidemic, Indiana Workforce Recovery is leading the fight against drug addiction in the workplace. Strategies include communicating best practices to support workplace prevention, early identification, treatment and recovery.

“The Indiana Chamber, in its role as a convener, is in the optimal position to further assist businesses with their workforce needs and bring clarity to some of the many existing programs. The Institute for Workforce Excellence will provide valuable resources with the promise of new initiatives in the year ahead.”

Paul Perkins
Chair, Indiana Chamber’s Workforce Development Policy Committee
Member, Governor’s Workforce Cabinet

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“Business engagement is a critical factor in addressing workforce needs of our state. The Indiana Chamber’s new Institute is an excellent vehicle to use business leadership, investment and engagement to help move our workforce forward.”

Fred Payne
Commissioner, Indiana Department of Workforce Development

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“Over the years, we have worked closely with the Indiana Chamber to successfully expand internship and work-based learning opportunities for Hoosiers. The Institute for Workforce Excellence is a well-timed initiative positioned to build upon that strong foundation and help more Indiana employers connect with resources to find, develop and keep the talent they need.”

Teresa Lubbers
Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education

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“Thanks largely to the partnership of Indiana’s employers, our state continues to lead when it comes to creating opportunities for our working families. … Still, remaining globally competitive requires us to continually evaluate and strengthen our tools while better communicating those resources already available, and we look forward to working with the Indiana Chamber on employer-driven solutions to this critical issue.”

Danny Lopez
Chairman, Governor’s Workforce Cabinet

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The Wellness Council, a part of the Indiana Chamber since 2011, is one of the largest organizations of its type in the country. It focuses on the important topics of workplace and community well-being, providing resources, expert guidance and assessments for employers and community leaders.

Two new training series in 2019 – ADVANCE (focused on leadership) and BOOST (soft skills emphasis) – will help provide employees with the skills they need for increased productivity in today’s workplaces. These complement the longstanding employee training conferences and regulatory compliance publications that benefit both workers and their companies throughout the state.

A partnership with Ivy Tech Community College offers a 5% tuition rebate for employees of Indiana Chamber member companies. Employees can begin or finish their postsecondary education, helping to address company needs and bolster the workforce.

The program honoring outstanding workplace cultures began in 2006. Honorees are recognized, using the designation to enhance recruiting and retention efforts. All participants receive value feedback from their employees and a benchmark comparison to other leading organizations.

Receive a 10% discount on this highly regarded, step-by-step digital solution that teaches your organization everything it needs to know about finding a strong cause and creating a culture that aligns with your employees’ and customers’ passions.

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