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Indiana Chamber of Commerce Legislative ROI

House Education Chairman Bob Behning and the Indiana Chamber’s Caryl Auslander discuss where bills stand in the final days of session.

Legislative ROI

Your 2017 Legislative Return on Investment

In this annual financial impact assessment, learn what the Indiana Chamber’s lobbying efforts at the Statehouse mean to your bottom line. The 2017 General Assembly saw the Chamber advocate for and achieve numerous public policy victories that will have a lasting positive impact on the state’s economy and the prosperity of its residents. Additionally, the Chamber defeated several measures that would have cost businesses over $250 million. (*Printable document*)

In total, the Chamber’s work yielded savings of $1.575 billion for Hoosier businesses OR $587 per employee. Specific savings are listed below by bill and subject matter, in total and per employee.

Business Savings:
$1.575 billion or $587 per employee

Civil Justice
Sound judicial system in Marion County (HEA 1036)
$20 million;
Defeated – Erosion of Tax Court expertise (SB 546)$10 million;
Economic Development and Infrastructure
Long-term road funding (HEA 1002)
$850 million;
Next Level Generation Fund, 21st Century Research and Technology Fund, and Business Promotion and Innovation Fund (HEA 1001)$95 million;
Education and Workforce Development
Funding for expansion of pre-kindergarten program (HEA 1001)
$40 million;
More effective use of workforce data (HEA 1008)$10 million;
Energy and Environment
Defeated – Unjustified cost-shifting among ratepayers (HB 1567)
$40 million;
Better water resource management (HEA 1121, HEA 1519 and SEA 416)$15 million;
Stabilization of utility rates (SEA 309)$10 million;
Revisions to administrative procedures (HEA 1234, SEA 421 and SEA 472)$10 million;
Defeated – opposition to unreasonable regulatory burdens (SB 326)$10 million;
Defeated – Paid leave policies (HB 1183 and HB 1528)
$30 million;
Defeated – Overtime payment mandates (SB 128)$30 million;
Defeated – Mandated increases in minimum wage (SB 252 and SB 318)$25 million;
Defeated – Restrictive hiring practice order (ban of “ban the box”; SB 312)$20 million;
Protection of school bond ratings (SEA 260)
$150 million;
Online sales tax collection (HEA 1129)$100 million;
Defeated – Non-market changes to business property assessments (HB 1371)$50 million;
Defeated – Elimination of annual adjustments to real property assessments (SB 164)$50 million;
Procedural improvements to tax disputes (SEA 386 and SEA 440)$10 million;

Total Savings for Indiana Business: $1.575 Billion
Total Savings Per Employee: $587

Your Return on Investment
10 employees = savings of $5,870
25 employees = savings of $14,675
50 employees = savings of $29,350
100 employees = savings of $58,700
200 employees = savings of $117,400
500 employees = savings of $293,500

IMPORTANT NOTES: Business impact calculations are based on fiscal impact estimates of the Legislative Services Agency, independent studies, other available data and research materials, and Indiana Chamber analysis. Business impact per employee is calculated by using the estimated number of employed workers statewide in April 2017 (2,680,800).