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Make Me an Offer (To Move Here) I Can’t Refuse

Over the Christmas holiday, I spent time with a friend (who lives in San Francisco) while she was on her annual pilgrimage home to see her family. I got the chance to visit her in California early in 2018 and now that I’ve seen where she lives, with the gorgeous landscape and milder temperature and the multitude of things to do there on any given night … well, I can see why she likes [...]

Tourism Boosts Indiana’s Economy, Continues Growth in 2017

As reporters for the Indiana Chamber’s BizVoice® magazine, the communications staff of the Indiana Chamber often get to experience some of what makes Indiana truly unique. One of my favorite series, our Road Trip Treasures package from 2018, allowed us to travel the state and experience and write about various Indiana tourist attractions and events. On our respective road trips (you can read all six stories at, we experienced Hoosier basketball and political [...]

BizVoiceExtra: A Real King of the Hill

During my previous career many years ago in the newspaper business in Anderson, I had enjoyed the opportunity to meet former major league pitcher Carl Erskine. He was a business and community leader. I was a reporter/editor, so the circumstances of being in the same place were typically related to his work with STAR Financial Bank or one of his many volunteer engagements. In late November, that connection with Carl rose to a whole [...]

Still Coming to America

What is the tourism outlook for 2019? According to Kiplinger: A record-breaking number of foreigners are expected to visit the U.S. in 2019. Nearly 84 million travelers are poised to visit, a 3.2% increase over 2018, according to government forecasters. By 2023, the number will reach 95 million. U.S. visitors from India, Colombia and China will surge. Indian visitors will rise 46% over the next five years. For Colombia, 35%. China, 30%. Foreigners generally [...]

January 2nd, 2019|Tags: , , , |

Taking to the Air

There is no shortage of expansion and modernization projects taking place at airports across the United States and internationally. Kiplinger offers a rundown: Some of the biggest are in Chicago; Los Angeles; Newark, N.J.; New Orleans; New York; Pittsburgh and Washington. O’Hare is getting an $8.7 billion expansion. American and United airlines will share a new domestic and international terminal, making it easier for travelers to connect. Other terminals are getting upgraded gates. New [...]

December 31st, 2018|Tags: , , |