I, like many others, have been keeping a close watch on Scale Computing in recent years. There has been plenty to see – with more to come.

That attention has focused on the accomplishments in information technology infrastructure and customer support. Now, the terms hyperconvergence and edge solutions are in play and Scale is prepared to be a key player.

The nearly $35 million in venture capital raised late last year doesn’t hurt. But my focus during a recent visit was the culture inside the company as it earned its first spot on the Best Places to Work in Indiana list. I’m pleased to report that the enthusiasm and teamwork match the positive business outlook.

Noted in the BizVoice® magazine story is this: When a group of “Scalers” were asked about favorite company perks, the conversation quickly turns to ways the team members are raising funds for their favorite non-profits and conducting holiday shopping sprees for needy youth. It’s an “all in it together” attitude that serves the organization well in its interactions with customers.

Scale Computing was also one of the early movers to the Union 525 tech and entrepreneur space in downtown Indianapolis. Associates say that provides an extra level of energy within the facility and through the downtown amenities.

CEO Jeff Ready, a Rose-Hulman graduate, is among those proving you can build a tech success story in the Hoosier state. He has an engaged team working with him to do just that.

Learn more in the current issue of BizVoice®.

Tom Schuman is the senior vice president of communications & operations for the Indiana Chamber. He is also the editor of the Chamber’s award-winning BizVoice magazine and has been with the organization for 20 years.