“What is the difference between flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement arrangements and health savings accounts? Can my company offer more than one?”

“My employee qualifies for continued benefits under COBRA. What do I need to know to help her through this process?”

“What constitutes a full-time employee or a full-time equivalent, and how does this impact benefits plans?”

Leadership needs to have a working knowledge of a company’s policies to be effective. The management team sets the tone for the entire workforce, and making sure supervisors are properly equipped should be another top priority.

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce is helping businesses better prepare their managers by offering the new Advanced Benefit Administration Guide and the third edition of The Supervisor’s Handbook.

The Advanced Benefit Administration Guide was developed, in part, based on questions and topics raised by company leaders at Chamber training programs. It helps provide answers to some of the timely topics of today, such as the legal implications of wellness programs and on-site health clinics.

Other key subjects include:

  • Employer shared responsibility under the Affordable Care Act
  • The alphabet soup of defined contribution health care arrangements
  • COBRA administration
  • Correcting retirement plan mistakes

The member-discounted price is $111.75 per copy.

The Supervisor’s Handbook is designed to help supervisors understand their rights and responsibilities as leaders within their organization. This publication is key for the success of any manager, regardless of their experience level.

It includes guidelines on interviewing and getting new recruits up to speed, documenting employee information and supervisory actions, completing disciplinary actions, discharging team members and preparing performance evaluations.

Among the new topics: Sexual orientation/gender identity in the workplace and changes in union-related issues.

The Supervisor’s Handbook is $74.25 per copy. There is a 30% discount for orders of 10 or more copies, allowing you to provide copies to all supervisors and/or departments.

All publications can be purchased at www.indianachamber.com/pubs or by calling (800) 824-6885.