What’s your business preparedness philosophy regarding gun violence in the workplace?

“It will never happen here. There’s no need to prepare.” 


“It may never happen here, but we have to be ready in case it does.” 

Protect your employees from internal and external dangers by attending the Active Threats in the Workplace conference on August 14 or November 13.

The new program will take place at the Indiana Chamber Conference Center.

“We’ve seen active shooter events obviously happen in schools, churches, hospitals, supermarkets, movie theaters, concerts. Just about any and all types of venues where you could be,” emphasizes Troy Jester, president of Vantage Point Consulting and conference presenter. “When we do training, we really talk to people about, ‘This is a response that you would have for this event anywhere, wherever you’re at.’ It could be after work when you’re stopping to get something on the way home and you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or the event could happen at work.”

Topics include:

  • Prevention techniques to keep your business safe and secure
  • Indicators that may predict threat behavior
  • De-escalation techniques for business owners
  • Response to an active threat
  • Run. Hide. Fight.
  • Workplace violence warning signs
  • Mental state of mind
  • A checklist for attendees to use in their own organization

From a business standpoint, Jester asserts, there are two compelling reasons to participate in training.

“One is to protect lives – their co-workers and visitors. But also, regulatory agencies like OSHA are becoming more vigilant and becoming more aggressive with organizations that do not do any training and do not do any physical assessments to minimize the risk of these events from occurring.”

Register online at www.indianachamber.com/conferences or by calling Nick at (800) 824-6885.

Don’t assume your workplace is immune to violence. Acquire tactics for identifying, addressing and preventing active threats in the workplace.