Uncertainty is often the enemy when it comes to business prospects. Here is another way, with the Indiana Chamber’s assistance, to replace ambiguity with clarity within the workplace.

If you’re an employer with current workplace postings, you’re sending a clear message: We’re committed to compliance and protecting our people.

As laws change, it becomes increasingly important to update those postings. Businesses often are unclear about how often to replace and where to find them.

Count on the Chamber to remove confusion with its state and federal poster set.

“We want Indiana companies to look to us as the trusted source for postings,” shares Kerri Begley, Chamber vice president of business education events. “Some of our competitors mislead employers into believing they need new posters annually, but this simply isn’t true. We will only promote new postings when material changes occur.”

The laminated, all-in-one coated 28″ x 42″ employment poster includes ALL federal and Indiana mandatory postings.

An easy way to stay on top of changes is with the Chamber’s free Poster Subscription Service. When there is a material change to any mandatory Indiana or federal employment postings, we’ll automatically send you the revised poster set(s) with an invoice for the posters (plus tax and shipping).

“It takes the worry off the company and gives them peace of mind,” Begley emphasizes.

Order online or call Nick at (800) 824-6885.