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Poster Subscription Service (English posters)

Subscription service signup is free. Cost per poster set:
Non-members: $48
Members: $40

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While this convenient subscription service is free, you will receive an invoice for your poster set(s) when they are automatically shipped to you. (Regular price is $48 per set plus shipping and tax. Member price is $40 plus shipping and tax.)

Are you tired of receiving “urgent” notices regarding a poster change – from a company you’ve never heard of?

Throughout the year we receive numerous calls from Indiana employers concerned that they have received this type of notice. The majority of the time, there is no change. These companies want you to believe that a minor change requires a complete update. These notices waste employers’ time and energy.

To provide you with peace of mind and to save you the time and energy of having to track down poster information, the Indiana Chamber is now offering a poster subscription service. When there is a material change to any mandatory Indiana or federal employment postings, we will automatically send you the revised poster set(s) with an invoice for the posters (plus tax and shipping). This subscription service is free: You only pay for your poster sets when they are automatically shipped to you.

Why should I subscribe to this service?

Posting requirements are constantly changing, and it’s the employer’s responsibility to remain informed of these changes and update postings accordingly. If you’re not in compliance, it could cost your company thousands of dollars in violation and/or legal fees. Since you have other things on your mind, let the Chamber take the worry out of staying in compliance.