Conversations and anecdotes – on a nearly daily basis – confirm that Indiana’s workforce challenges are widespread. But, as always, some research-driven numbers are needed to evaluate trends and help lead to additional solutions.

The avenue to provide that crucial feedback is the Indiana Chamber Foundation’s 11th annual employer workforce survey. Hundreds of human resources professionals and company leaders have already shared their insights on skills shortages, training needs, incentives and more.

Chamber President Kevin Brinegar outlines the importance of the survey in this brief video. The Chamber Foundation is partnering with Walker, an Indiana-based customer experience consulting firm. Tilson is the presenting sponsor of the survey, with additional support from WGU Indiana. All who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card (10 to be awarded).

Among the recent trends: Companies that left Indiana jobs unfilled in 2016 due to under-qualified applicants increased to 47% – continuing a trend that has been in place in recent years. In addition, 29% of respondents identified filling their workforce and meeting talent needs as ¬¬their biggest challenge. Another 50% categorized the talent needs as “challenging but not their biggest challenge.”

Many public and private sector entities are working to help companies overcome the obstacles. These survey results, as they have done over the past decade, will help determine proper courses of action. The survey is scheduled to close in early August.

View more on the 2017 results. If you have not received the survey from Walker and are interested in participating or learning more, contact Marci Price at (317) 264-6893.