While the focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is greater now than ever, obviously there is a long history of seemingly simple ideas growing into the “next big thing.”

The first two installments of the Indiana Icons series in BizVoice® magazine spotlighted individuals (Carl Erskine and Jim Morris). The current article goes behind the scenes of a brand that began with two friends working on a ping pong table in one of their homes.

Barbara Baekgaard and Pat Miller formed Vera Bradley in 1982. Their “light bulb” was a trip through an airport and seeing no luggage that appealed to the female customer. Colorful purses, backpacks and various carrying bags became a national and global sensation.

Baekgaard tells about an early dinner at a couple’s home. After the meal (and discussion about her fledgling business), she recalls the gentleman saying, “I really think you have a good idea. I’m going to give you some money. If you’re successful, I want to be paid back. It’s a loan. If you’re not, it’s a gift. Just forget it. But I believe in you.”

She explains the significance of that gesture. “It was very Shark Tank-esque where they believe in the person maybe more than the product even. That was a really good vote of confidence. Positivity is the greatest encouragement. I’ve always believed in that.”

You can read the full article – “Purses and Positivity: Inside Vera Bradley’s Success” – in the current BizVoice.

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