(INDIANAPOLIS) — Indiana Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kevin Brinegar reacts to statements from President Trump that the United States will potentially implement tariffs on goods imported from Mexico:

“Using economic threats against our neighbor and one of our country’s largest trading partners to compensate for unfulfilled promises by the administration and Congress on immigration is an irrational – and extremely damaging – concept.

“Indiana businesses and consumers will once again be the innocent victims through paying what amounts to tax increases. Nearly one-sixth of the $4.5 billion of Mexican products imported into our state in 2018 came in the important auto parts sector. If implemented, a likely retaliation of tariffs on American products will further impact Hoosiers and damage our economy.”


The Indiana Chamber partners with 25,000 members and investors – representing over four million Hoosiers – to achieve the mission of “cultivating a world-class environment which provides economic opportunity and prosperity.”