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Rollback of Tariffs

Why it matters: Broad tariffs can quickly turn into what amounts to tax increases on Hoosier consumers and businesses. Products used in our homes every day, and the materials consumed to build them, will simply cost more. What started as a just attempt by the Trump administration to protect American steel and aluminum from cheap imports has now transformed to a potential global trade war with chilling economic impacts for Indiana and beyond. Our federal government should not recklessly battle allies and put our country – and state’s – economic future in jeopardy.

The retaliation on U.S. tariffs will lead to lost sales of Indiana products – and ultimately, lost jobs.

Exports from Indiana to Canada, Mexico, China and the European Union total more than $1 billion, with nearly 65% of that going to our neighbor to the north. Indiana jobs supported by trade total more than 800,000 or nearly one-third of the state’s workforce.

It merits underscoring that $648 million worth of Indiana exports to Canada are targeted for retaliation.

It’s time to end this fight before too many people suffer from unintended consequences.

What we’re doing: The Indiana Chamber is hearing from an increasing number of Hoosier businesses concerned about the Trump administration’s position on tariffs, which has put the country at odds with six of America’s top seven foreign markets. These countries account for more than half of all U.S. exports.

We’ve made our position against broad tariffs very clear with Indiana’s congressional delegation and are in ongoing communication with them on this matter. When opportunities arise for us to partner with other entities on this issue, we will be doing that.

We’re also publicly expressing our concerns over a brewing trade war and will continue to speak out on the issue and push for an appropriate, balanced approach to tariffs.

As developments occur, we will be sure to keep you informed. You are also welcome to contact our lead lobbyists on this matter: Kevin Brinegar at (317) 264-6882 and Greg Ellis at (317) 264-6881. In the meantime, check out our Policy Center to learn more about other issues impacting your company and what the Indiana Chamber is doing on your behalf.