Being prepared with the most up-to-date information is irreplaceable when handling a human resources issue or concern. The Indiana Chamber provides a wealth of tools to help you follow the laws and protect your business – and your employees.

Consider, for example, the #MeToo movement and resulting wave of employees speaking out about workplace sexual harassment. If it wasn’t clear before, it certainly is now that employers need to be proactive in preventing, identifying and eliminating unlawful workplace harassment.

The newly updated 5th edition of the Indiana Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment provides employers with guidance and resources to face the challenges in this new environment. It looks at harassment in various forms, including sexual, bullying, discriminatory and retaliation.

The publication covers challenging situations and topics such as:

  • Handling investigations, from planning to documentation and follow-up
  • New areas to target in training
  • Changes in the legal landscape, liability and arbitration agreements
  • How social media can be used to harass
  • Romance and dating in the workplace

Currently available as an ePub, the new version of the Indiana Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment will ship mid-September.

Other new and updated guides available this fall include:

Indiana HR Resources
Stay on top of human resources issues with an annual subscription to the online Indiana HR Resources. The site provides access to:

  • All 15 Indiana HR online guides, including the three mentioned above (a $1,000-plus value compared to individual publication purchases)
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Compliance Posters
The Indiana Chamber also makes it easy to be sure your workplace complies with mandatory federal and state postings through a poster subscription service. By signing up for the service, you receive new posters only when a mandatory change is made. Sign-up is free with posters invoiced when shipped.

With an all-in-one poster set, it’s easy to display all required notifications. This new all-in-one set will be available in October.

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