Has your human resources department noted an extra-challenging period of recruitment lately?

It’s probably not alone.

Indiana’s unemployment rate is at 3.3%, according to a June report from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. Jobs are plentiful and Indiana companies are looking to grow. Those companies need more talent coming in the door.

The term “ghosting” – previously reserved for the dating world when a potential mate essentially pretends the other person no longer exists – is now frequently coming into play in the world of HR. Potential employees either don’t call back to accept interviews and even job offers. Or, they accept and then something better comes along. They either withdraw their candidacy or simply don’t show up for the first day of work.

While your HR department might be frustrated with the turn of events, there are plenty of ways your organization can help itself. The No. 1 way? Invest in your company’s culture.

But how do you do that? The best way is to first take an inventory of what your employees think of your current culture and workplace environment. And take a glance inward at what you offer in terms of workplace policies and perks.

Here’s some great news; we’ve made it easy for you to take both of those above steps. The 2019 Best Places to Work in Indiana program is now accepting applications to determine which companies in Indiana (or out-of-state parent companies with at least 15 employees working in the state) are hitting the right notes on culture, benefits and more.

Each organization that applies to the Best Places to Work in Indiana program receives a comprehensive report containing the results of an anonymous employee survey. This valuable feedback from your employees can help you determine which areas you could improve within your company’s culture.

Give your HR department a break and make its recruitment job easier by ensuring your company is getting dumped (that term works in both dating and HR!) a little less often.

Find out more about the 2019 Best Places to Work in Indiana program by visiting the newly-revamped web site, www.bestplacestoworkin.com, and apply today! The application deadline is Friday, November 16.

Charlee Beasor is the communications & PR manager for the Indiana Chamber. She is also a writer for the Chamber’s award-winning BizVoice magazine and has been with the organization for eight years.