Senate Bill 472 (Utility Rates and Acquisitions), authored by Sen. Eric Koch (R-Bedford), is now in conference committee. The highlight here is the moratorium language remains out! (The moratorium would have prevented large new power plants from coming online for the next two years.) The underlying water bill remains significantly intact, with the only proposed adjustment a “small utility” threshold change from 5,000 customers or less to 8,000 or less. Also, there has been some discussion about removing the language about forming an energy task force because the Senate considers it not germane.

A heavily amended SB 552 (Gaming Matters), authored by Sen. Mark Messmer (R-Jasper), passed the House on Monday. Subsequently, it was dissented on by the author and conferees have been appointed.  The bill will be heard in conference committee next week. In light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision authorizing sports wagering across the country, it makes sense for the General Assembly to enact legislation here in Indiana in order to prevent the tax revenue collected on said wagering to go out of state. It is further appropriate that sports wagering be authorized at existing, regulated gaming facilities.

House Bill 1362 (Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Sharing), authored by Rep. Sean Eberhart (Shelbyville), passed the full Senate 43-2 on Tuesday. On Thursday, the House dissented on the amended bill, which means it is likely headed to conference committee. This legislation provides requirements for a peer-to-peer vehicle sharing program. The Chamber believes it is appropriate to ensure that shared personal vehicles are safe and road worthy.

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