A word of caution as you battle winter’s snow, ice and falling temperatures: Don’t stoke the fires of non-compliance.

Protect your business – and expand your knowledge – in 2020 with new and revised Chamber publications.

Our latest release is the Indiana Employer’s Guide to Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations: 1st Edition. What happens if you make mistakes in a workplace investigation? Hint: increased employee turnover, overturned disciplinary actions, lawsuits and plummeting morale are among the repercussions.

Additional topics:

  • Determining when to investigate
  • Selecting the investigator
  • Preparing the investigation plan
  • Gathering documents and other evidence
  • Evaluating the evidence
  • Aftermath of the investigation

“There are so many issues employers must consider and can inadvertently overlook,” remarks Kerri Begley, Chamber vice president of business education and events. “This publication helps employers navigate the investigation process from start to finish. It even includes sample letters and reports.”

Another new offering is the Advanced Benefit Administration Guide. It covers legal implications of wellness programs, correcting retirement plan mistakes, employer shared responsibility under the Affordable Care Act and more.

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There’s more in store for 2020. Look for updated editions of the following: Indiana Guide to Hiring and Firing, Labor Relations Guide, ADA Guide, Environmental Compliance Handbook, Indiana Tax Guide, Safety and Health Guide for Indiana Business, Employee Benefits Guide and Worker’s Compensation Handbook.

Explore publications online at www.indianachamber.com/pubs. Order there or by contacting Nick at (800) 824-6885.