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Indiana Employer’s Guide to Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations – 1st Edition

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What is it?

Conducting effective workplace investigations is one of the most challenging tasks confronting employer representatives. Doing it wrong often results in employee turnover, overturned disciplinary actions, lawsuits, and potentially costly settlements or jury verdicts. Poor investigations also can adversely affect morale and productivity in the organization.

This publication is intended to be a valuable reference tool to equip employers to manage internal investigations in a professional, effective, and legal manner. Whether the organization is committed to using capable internal staff members to conduct investigation or outside professional investigators – especially for more complex investigations – this guide will help you navigate your organization’s investigations.

Who wrote it?

A team of attorneys from the law firm Jackson Lewis LLP

What topics are covered?

A full table of contents can be viewed here

Who should order this product?

  • Human resource professionals
  • Office managers
  • Management consultants
  • Personnel managers
  • Small business owners

When will it be published?

The book will go to print December 2019

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