Substance misuse in the workplace can be destructive and deadly.

Close to home, it not only impacts the 200,000 currently employed Hoosiers suffering from substance use disorder, but also their colleagues, companies and loved ones.

Indiana Workforce Recovery (IWR) is bringing treatment and recovery resources to locations throughout the state with a new round of free Employer Opioid Strategy sessions.


  • October 31: Greater Louisville
  • November 5: Downtown Indianapolis
  • November 12: Elkhart
  • December 4: Kokomo

“The events are very solution oriented and interactive,” shares IWR director Mike Thibideau. “The whole idea is to set up a model for prevention, assistance, intervention and recovery. It’s not just opioids; we’re seeing an increase in stimulants. They can apply this model when dealing with alcohol and marijuana too.”

The first round of convenings took place in the spring. Among the feedback from attendees:

“Lots of good information on current statistics, opioids and business. Great place to network and exchange information.”

 “I feel I have a better understanding and can advocate for drug testing and counseling for drug addiction in the workplace.”

“The biggest takeaway for me … was changing your mindset if someone is talking to you about having a drug problem to think about if (as) they came to you and they had cancer or another life-altering disease.”

Thibideau recently participated in a panel discussion at the White House about innovative ways to expand access to resources. Compared to other states, he says, Indiana’s business-led initiative is the furthest along in addressing these issues.

Register online for the no-cost strategy sessions or call Nick at (800) 824-6855.