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Elfcu, Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union

Elfcu, Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union

At Elfcu, we are more about people than products. As our friend Pete the Planner says, money is not about math. Money is about habits, behaviors and relationships. Money is often about stress and sometimes even shame. That’s why we provide a variety of powerful personal financial solutions – not just products – to support your employees and help them get a handle on distracting financial challenges. We are true financial wellness providers at a time when American employers need guidance in this area more than ever before. Elfcu is seeking to partner with area companies that recognize prosperity comes from strengthening employees.

Founded in 1930 with Eli Lilly and Company as our original sponsor, Elfcu provides a variety of powerful financial solutions through the safe harbor of a consumer-owned credit union. Yet Elfcu is not just a credit union. We are financial wellness providers serving 30+ companies and 59,000+ members in Indiana and beyond. We promise to help individuals achieve financial wellness in life with a money management plan. We nurture consumers daily toward their goals and engage them with the tools and resources that are the best fit. As your company’s financial wellness provider, Elfcu will always be looking out for the best interests of your employees.