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Applied Engineering Services

Applied Engineering Services was founded in 1998 by Frank St. John, LEED AP, P.E.; Terry DeBoo; and John Yoder, LEED AP. In 2005, Ralph Power, P.E., and Rex Stockwell, P.E., became principals of the firm. Applied employs 41 individuals; 24 are degreed engineers, 13 are professionally registered and 10 are LEED accredited. Because Applied’s personnel have been involved with a variety of mechanical and electrical systems, we have developed an expertise in evaluating project requirements, reviewing applicable technology and efficiently designing the optimum system. In many cases, we were able to save our clients significant costs through innovative system design.

Applied utilizes computer-aided engineering to facilitate and optimize many design aspects involved with mechanical and electrical systems. We make significant use of computer modeling programs to assist with the optimization of fan, pump, duct and pipe sizing. We have developed our own spreadsheets to prepare estimated plant operating cost and life cycle cost analyses. We utilize software to perform finite element pipe stress analysis in the event that high pressure, high temperature fluids or gases are involved in the project design. We also utilize sophisticated electrical engineering software modeling programs to prepare coordination, short circuit, and arc flash analyses.