Technology – in the form of making it a strategic part of your workplace and preparing for the future – takes center stage in the EchoChamber. We get help understanding it all through conversations with a pair of Jacks, as in Mansfield and Uldrich.

Jack Mansfield is leader of digital workplace strategy for Bell Techlogix and a member of both the Indiana Chamber’s Technology Policy Committee and board of directors. He has seen many changes during his nearly 16 years with the organization, but notes some of the key issues for employers are relatively similar (you have to listen in for the exact reference).

Companies taking full advantage of today’s capabilities are those that have gone from viewing information technology as the “cost to keep the computers running” to “critical to the growth of our company”. Mansfield talks about what might seem like a minor evolution from chief information officer to chief innovation officer. The new focus, however, is critical.

We mix in a little discussion about Wabash College and the growing number of Little Giants that are making an impact in so many areas of Indiana business.

Our second Jack – Uldrich – is a futurist based in Minnesota. He spoke to the Chamber board of directors at its recent meeting and followed up with a broader message for our EchoChamber audience.

Uldrich opens by commenting that “today is the slowest rate of change we will experience going forward.” He points out some facets of business and consumer life that will see 1,000-fold increases in the next decade.

A prolific author in addition to commentator and keynote speaker, Uldrich explains the AHA philosophy. That’s AHA as in awareness, humility and action. He outlines what each means and steps people have to take to successfully adapt.

The Internet of Things, 5G and more are explored. The closing point from Uldrich: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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