State auditors are asking a township trustee in Grant County to repay taxpayers $56,628 following an audit that found she used township assistance funds to help herself and relatives, reports Indianapolis TV station WRTV.

This is yet another prime example of why the Indiana Chamber has been pushing for years to eliminate township government; it’s outdated, rarely used and ripe for this type of illegal activity. At a minimum, the General Assembly should finally move on reducing the number of townships through mergers in low-population areas and enhancing the oversight of fiscal matters. Both would be very positive steps forward.

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State Budget at a Glance

Curious where all the state dollars go? Below is the breakdown of appropriations passed in the new budget that went into effect this month:

A Variety of Significant Tax Matters in the Works

  • Sports wagering, and the associated tax collections, begins September 1.
  • The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) rolls out the first phase of its massive computer system update when it switches over the portions controlling corporate taxes.
  • The DOR is currently in the process of updating several bulletins and putting together guidance on 2019 legislative changes. Explore its newly formatted web site.
  • The Department of Local Government Finance is in the midst of redrafting a volume of its rules and plans to start the formal publication process August
  • These issues will be considered by the Interim Committee on Fiscal Policy this fall:
    • Medicaid spending and cost drivers
    • Criteria for establishing regional governance models
    • Study of the complexity index used in the school funding formula
    • Taxation of CBD oil and vaping products
    • Multi-year reviews of workforce programs and tax incentives

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