On September 20, 2019, INSERV, Inc released an addition to their safety policies. In accordance with our customer’s, INSERV, Inc will no longer allow cell phone use while engaging in work activity on a job site or in the INSERV, Inc. workyard. This new procedure is a continuation of requirements set forth by our customers to ensure job safety and reduce the risk of injury while operating machinery. Removing cell phone use from an active job site reduces the risk of injury due to inattention.

About INSERV, Inc.

INSERV, Inc. specializes in environmental and industrial services and is dedicated to providing personal service to our customer that surpasses their expectations.  Our modern fleet, with both cleaning and response equipment, is capable of performing a wide range of services which are operated by our highly trained and skilled technicians.

At INSERV, Inc., safety for our customers, employees, and the environment is our number one priority.  To ensure safety, all of our employees are highly trained and follow guidelines and procedures set forth by local, state, and national governments.  We coordinate training with our clients, local fire departments, and HAZMAT teams.  Our employees are trained to operate safely in unique and dangerous environments.

INSERV, Inc. is licensed and permitted to handle and transport hazardous and non-hazardous commodities and waste in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio.  As part of INSERV, Inc.’s dedication to safety and customer service they are a member of PEC Safety, Avetta, IS Network, NORA, and certified through ISO  Quality Management System.