Some prefer the phrase “what gets measured gets managed,” while others opt for “if you’re not keeping score, you’re only practicing.”

No matter the choice, the bottom line remains the same: The Indiana Chamber evaluates the state’s economic progress through 65 metrics related to the 37 goals in the Indiana Vision 2025 plan. The newly released 2019 Report Card contains mixed results with several clear warning signs.

“Indiana’s tax, regulatory and legal environments – vastly improved over the past 15-plus years – have led to justly deserved high rankings in a number of national evaluations,” says Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar. “But the health of our citizens, and the impact on communities and businesses, is negatively impacting the Attractive Business Climate driver of Indiana Vision 2025 and the state’s ability to compete.”

Indiana’s adult smoking rate of 21.8% (an increase from 20.6% in the most recent biennial comparison) is 44th worst among the 50 states. Adult obesity levels escalated from 31.3% to 33.6% — 39th worst. In the one new goal (to reduce drug-related deaths in the state) added to the plan since 2017, Indiana is 37th worst.

Postsecondary results continue to lag with Indiana rankings of 37th or 38th in the areas of associate degrees, bachelor degrees or training beyond high school that includes industry credentials. The good news, however, is there was significant improvement in each of those categories since the prior Report Card.

Overall, Indiana ranks in the top 10 in 14 of the 65 metrics. It has six rankings of 40th or worse. Compared to 2017, the state improved in 23 rankings and declined in 24. When looking at raw scores, 30 from the new Report Card are better than the previous version with only 20 declining.

“Those numbers reiterate that our state is not operating in a vacuum,” Brinegar offers. “While we improve in performance, other states are moving ahead at a faster rate and passing Indiana in the rankings.”

You can evaluate the results through the full 32-page Report Card or in segments:

The 2019 Report Card will be the focus of regional forums (to discuss the results, obtain local analysis and share best practices). The events are sponsored by Duke Energy, NIPSCO, Vectren, Indiana Michigan Power, OneAmerica, Toyota, Indiana American Water and Indiana Michigan Power.

The current forum schedule: June 6 (South Bend), June 10 (Corydon), June 12 (Greensburg), June 17 (Indianapolis), June 18 (Hammond), June 25 (Evansville) and July 24 (Fort Wayne).