The Indiana Department of Transportation announced this week that it has awarded Walsh Construction Company II LLC a $164.8 million contract to transform six miles of State Road 37 into Interstate 69. Walsh’s proposal was the lowest price among four responsive bids and $7.8 million below estimate.

This is the second major contract award for I-69 Finish Line, representing a state and federal construction investment in Martinsville totaling more than $186 million to date.

State Road 37 will be completely closed in Martinsville in 2021 to safely advance construction between SR 39/Morton Avenue and Morgan Street, it is expected to be substantially completed in late 2021.

Work will begin this year to prepare alternate routes for additional traffic including the detour route, which will follow S.R. 39, S.R. 67 and S.R. 144.

A map of I-69 Finish Line construction contracts 1 and 2 is available here.

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