(INDIANAPOLIS) — The Indiana Chamber of Commerce comments on today’s scheduled release of 2015-2016 statewide ISTEP results to the Indiana State Board of Education; from Caryl Auslander, vice president of education and workforce development policy:

“The good news is that test results are being made available much earlier than in recent years. Let’s hope that is the beginning of a much-needed trend. The bad news is that parents are facing a five-day delay in requesting rescores of their children’s exams.

“The totally unacceptable outcome is Superintendent Glenda Ritz and the Department of Education’s delay response – ‘This is yet another reason why the department believes we need to get away from an expensive, inefficient, pass/fail assessment like ISTEP.’

“When our education leaders blame the critical concepts of testing and accountability for their failure to properly administer tests and the reporting of the results, it’s another sad example of adults worrying about themselves first instead of placing the priority on our students.”


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