Staying on top of legislative developments can be challenging during the Indiana General Assembly session. But a longstanding resource is available to assist as the Chamber’s 2020 Legislative Directory App and Handbook (are almost) here!

The publication is available as a book or a mobile app (compatible with Apple and Android phones).

Uncertain how to reach your legislators or what committees they serve on? Access that information along with photos, biographies, office locations and more.

Additional app features:

  • Automatic updates
  • Ability to “favorite” legislators and committees for quick reference and interaction
  • Download legislator information into your mobile phone contact list

The app is available now. The book will be distributed in early January, but orders are being accepted now. Bulk rates and bundle options are available. For more information, order online or call Nick at (800) 824-6885.

Past customers like Anne Hathaway and Linda Meador have already ordered their 2020 editions.

Hathaway is president of Hathaway Strategies, a grassroots public affairs consulting firm.

“I’m also executive director of the Lugar Series. It’s the women’s GOP training program to educate women to engage in public service or to train them to run for political office,” she explains. “Every year, we purchase 20 copies to provide to the women in our class as a learning tool.

“The app is also great. If I’m out and about, I’ll use the app or if I’m in a meeting. I appreciate the flexibility of having it in multiple versions.”

Independent Colleges of Indiana – a non-profit association that represents Indiana’s 30 private, non-profit colleges and universities – distributes the Legislative Directory to students and campus presidents at various Statehouse events.

“It’s an invaluable tool for us,” remarks Meador, executive assistant for administration. “We look forward to getting the new ones each year.”

Sponsors of the 2020 Indiana General Assembly Legislative Directory are Corydon Group, CountryMark, Duke Energy and Indiana State University.