Season three, episode one of IN Chamber: The Podcast (formerly the EchoChamber) is now available, with more intriguing conversations to come.

Dana Perino of Fox News talks policy, politics and that elusive search for civility. We also learn about some of her passions away from the workplace.

The former White House press secretary will keynote the Chamber’s 30th Annual Awards Dinner on November 7 at the Indiana Convention Center. Her partner in that presentation – and the episode two podcast guest (available September 24) – is Democrat political strategist Donna Brazile.

Brazile brings a combination of Southern charm and decades of political experience to the conversation and to the stage in November. She reveals a fondness for many things in Indiana but will stop short of backing the Colts against her beloved New Orleans Saints.

October will feature national thought leaders on employee networks, leadership and adapting to change. We will “return home” after that with top Indiana guests on business, education, entrepreneurship and more.

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