Yes, we know cost of living varies widely by location. But how about making that initial move or, in other words, what will it take to relocate to various cities around the world.

Eighty such cities were studied. The factors utilized were visa fees, visa processing time, rent, internet cost, phone service, food/drink expenses and public transportation costs.

Here are some of the interesting findings, courtesy of Nestpick:

Most Expensive Cities

  1. Dubai, UAE ($4,251 in first month living costs)
  2. Auckland, New Zealand ($4,002)
  3. San Francisco ($3,768)
  4. New York ($3,374)
  5. London ($3,207)

Least Expensive Cities

  1. Cairo, Egypt ($656)
  2. Bangalore, India ($742)
  3. Bucharest, Romania ($754)
  4. Budapest, Hungary ($870)
  5. Riga, Latvia ($931)

Highs and Lows

  • New Zealand has the most expensive visa fees, at $2,159.46, while Hong Kong has the least expensive, at $24.19.
  • New Zealand also has the longest visa processing time, at 381 days, while Thailand has the shortest, at two days.
  • San Francisco has the most expensive rent prices, at $2,379.54 while Bangalore has the least expensive, at $160.72.
  • Dubai has the most expensive internet costs, at $111.02, while Moscow has the least expensive, at $5.59.
  • Zurich, Switzerland has the most expensive phone service prices, at $106.73, while Warsaw, Poland has the least expensive, at $5.48.
  • Zurich has the most expensive food and drink prices, at $1,193.96, while Bangalore has the least, at $255.97.
  • London has the most expensive transport prices, at $168.71, while Cairo has the least expensive, at $7.14.
Tom Schuman is the senior vice president of communications & operations for the Indiana Chamber. He is also the editor of the Chamber’s award-winning BizVoice magazine and has been with the organization for 20 years.