Historically, $1 million is viewed by some as a magic number for retirement. It might be the ultimate goal, a great start or something in between. But how long that $1 million will last is based on a number of factors, including where you live.

SmartAsset released a study factoring in expenses for housing, food, health care, utilities and transportation. For Indianapolis, it was determined that the $1 million would last 25.38 years, placing its 105th out of 268 cities included in the study.

Another Indiana city, however, is in the top 10 for longevity. Some of these locales may not be normally first thought of when it comes to retirement, but they make the mark on affordability.

  1. McAllen, Texas, 33.03 years
  2. Harlingen, Texas, 31.68 years
  3. Richmond, Indiana, 31.30 years
  4. Conway, Arkansas, 31.28 years
  5. Tupelo, Mississippi, 30.05 years
  6. Kalamazoo, Michigan, 29.84 years
  7. Wichita Falls, Texas, 29.78 years
  8. Knoxville, Tennessee, 29.75 years
  9. Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 29.47 years
  10. Memphis, Tennessee, 29.12 years

Tom Schuman is the senior vice president of communications & operations for the Indiana Chamber. He is also the editor of the Chamber’s award-winning BizVoice magazine and has been with the organization for 20 years.