HB 1005 – Health and Insurance Matters
Authored by Rep. Donna Schaibley (R-Carmel)

Provides that a facility is an off-campus location of a hospital if: (1) the operations of the facility are directly or indirectly owned or controlled by, or affiliated with, the hospital; (2) the facility provides services that are organizationally and functionally integrated with the services of the hospital; and (3) the facility provides preventive services, diagnostic services, treatment services or emergency services. Requires hospitals, ambulatory surgical outpatient centers and urgent care facilities to post certain health care services pricing information by billing code on the hospital’s Internet web site and sets forth requirements. Requires: (1) a provider facility (including a hospital) in which a nonemergency health care service will be performed; or (2) a practitioner (including a physician) who will perform a nonemergency health care service; upon request from the individual for whom the nonemergency health care service has been ordered, scheduled, or referred, to provide a good faith estimate of the price for the nonemergency health care service not more than three business days after receiving the individual’s request. Requires a provider facility or practitioner to include the address of the service facility location to obtain reimbursement for a commercial claim for health care services. Requires a health carrier (including an insurer or a health maintenance organization) to provide to an individual who is entitled to coverage from the health carrier, not more than three business days after the individual requests the information, a good faith estimate of: (1) the amount of the cost of the nonemergency health care service that the health carrier will pay for or reimburse to the covered individual; or (2) the extent and nature of the ordered nonemergency health care service a covered individual is entitled to receive. Full details.

Chamber position: Support

The latest: Failed to clear the House before third reading deadline and is therefore a dead bill.

On second reading, Rep. Ryan Hatfield (D-Evansville) offered an amendment that established a prescription drug importation program from Canada, to be administered by the Indiana State Department of Health. On a roll call vote, several Republican House members, including six committee chairmen, voted in favor of the amendment in opposition to the bill’s author, Rep. Schaibley. The amendment passed 49-44 (amendments are not required to have a constitutional majority of 51).

However, after apparent subsequent discussions in the House Republican caucus, the bill was removed from the third reading calendar before a final vote could be taken.

Indiana Chamber action/commentary: While disappointing this bill self-destructed, the plan is for those issues that died in HB 1005 is to be amended into Senate bills as they are heard in the House.

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