It’s common in today’s times to refer to every business as a technology business. Whether you fully embrace that concept, there is no disputing the fact that outstanding workplace cultures are essential – no matter the type of organization or industry.

Technology/innovation companies are no strangers to the annual Best Places to Work (BPTW) in Indiana list, which is in its 15th year of evaluating and honoring leading workplaces throughout the state. But 2020 appears to a record year: Of the 125 companies on the BPTW list, 31 list their industry as technology with another 10 or so primarily consulting or providing services for those businesses.

The evolution is not a surprise. As tech continues to become a bigger part of the state’s economy, more organizations are participating in the program for both the valuable feedback that all entrants receive and the potential for additional recognition. More individuals than ever are using the BPTW list as one of their screening options in choosing their next career opportunity.

Hall of Fame companies (those making the list at least 10 times in the 15 years of the program) include Salesforce (ExactTarget in the early days), E-gineering, Leaf Software Solutions, Microsoft’s Indianapolis office and SEP.

Newcomers (or returnees) to the list in 2020 include Brite Systems, Edify, Vibenomics, BlueSky Technology Partners, Schneider Geospatial, GadellNet Consulting Services and Emarsys North America. Other tech entries, big and small, have become fixtures on the list in recent years.

Here’s the full 2020 list in alphabetical order, for the four employer size categories. The celebration, and release of the final rankings, takes place on April 30 at the Indiana Convention Center. BizVoice® magazine will have the details about the outstanding workplace cultures at all the winners in its May-June edition.

View the 2019 Best Places issue.

Congratulations to all the winners. Learn more about the program and prepare to enter for 2021. Sponsorships (for 2020 and future programs) are available by contacting Tim Brewer.
Adam H. Berry is vice president of economic development and technology at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. He joined the organization in 2019.