Indiana companies are in an intense battle for talent as they struggle to find enough skilled workers. That’s why it’s so critical for the state to remove any real or perceived mark against it. We simply can’t fill all the jobs and expand business by relying on Hoosiers alone. Indiana must be seen as a welcoming place. Not having a strong bias/hate crimes law greatly hinders that effort.

It is the Chamber’s strong preference that a list of specific protected individuals – either spelled out or referred to – be as comprehensive as possible and, in particular, include sexual orientation and gender identity.

If Indiana is going to enact a real bias crimes law this year – to actually take the state off of the list of just five states without such a law – it’s up to business leaders and citizens like you to demand state legislators take action. What you can do to help.

Our bias crimes sheet provides more information.

Resources: Kevin Brinegar at (317) 264-6882 or email: [email protected]; Adam H. Berry at (317) 264-6892 or email: [email protected]