House Bill 1404 (School Accountability) and Senate Bill 420 (Workforce Development) failed to make it through the third reading deadlines in both houses this week. The former urged the State Board of Education to include “postsecondary outcome” measures like student enrollment in postsecondary education/training programs and completion of industry-recognized credentials in the state’s A-F school accountability system as a means for ensuring Indiana graduates are on track for success after high school. The proposal met strong resistance in the Senate due to concerns about data tracking and questions about whether schools should have any responsibility for how their students fare after graduation. The Chamber believes that high schools play a critical role in ensuring students are both aware of and prepared for postsecondary opportunities; we will continue to advocate for an outcomes-based school accountability system.

Meanwhile, SB 420, which created incentives for employers to work collaboratively to increase career-technical education and work-based learning opportunities for students across the state, met a similar fate on the House side.

The Chamber sees HB 1404 and SB 420 as complementary and necessary measures to promote closer alignment between the state’s education and workforce development sectors. As such, the Chamber will continue to advocate publicly and work behind the scenes to resurrect the key provisions from these bills during the conference committee process next week.

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