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Asbestos Litigation

Thank you for your continued interest on this important policy!

As new developments arise, we will be sure to keep you informed. You are also welcome to contact Mike Ripley, our lead lobbyist on the matter, at (317) 264-6883. In the meantime, check out our Policy Center to learn more about other bills impacting your company and what the Indiana Chamber is doing on your behalf.

Reach out to your state legislators; let them know you want transparency in asbestos claims!

Why it matters: Asbestos lawsuits can cost a company millions in damages and legal expenses. A big reason is important information, which could stop these costs from ballooning, is not being disclosed at trial.

What we’re doing: We heard from our members in the manufacturing sector and made this one of our top priorities this session. In fact, this issue has been on our radar for a few years now, and we’ve made significant strides to get to this point. In 2018, the Indiana Chamber has been working closely with policymakers to address the cost issue by adding a layer of transparency to asbestos-related lawsuits, which would prevent claimants from “double-dipping” into asbestos bankruptcy trusts AND your company’s bottom line.

The Indiana Chamber will continue to play a leadership role on this issue as the bill progresses in the Senate.

What the legislation does: House Bill 1061 is a good start to addressing this matter. It allows a jury to have all the information to make a more informed decision. An individual must disclose what trusts they have made a claim to and what trusts they believe they are entitled to. The bill also gives priority to those who currently have diseases related to asbestos.