Opioid Continuing Education Bill Passes Senate Health Committee

Bill # and Title: SB 225 – Continuing Education Requirements
Author: Sen. Randy Head (R-LaPorte)
Summary: Establishes continuing education requirements for licensed health care practitioners who apply for a controlled substances registration. Provides that the continuing education requirements expire July 1, 2025.
Chamber Position: Support
Status: Passed out of the Senate Health and Provider Services Committee 11-0.

Update/Chamber Action: The Indiana State Medical Association, along with several provider organizations, supported the bill in testimony, which continues education on opioid and opioid issues. The Indiana Chamber communicated to the committee chairman, Sen. Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso), and Sen. Head its support for the bill in advance of the meeting.

Pay Raise for Pharmacists Heard in Senate Insurance

Bill and Title: HB 181 – Coverage for Pharmacist Care
Author: Sen. Ron Grooms (R-Jeffersonville)
Summary: Requires an accident and sickness insurer that enters into a preferred provider agreement to: (1) reimburse for health care service provided by a pharmacist within the scope of practice to the same extent and in the same manner as the insurer would reimburse certain other health care providers (reimbursement); and (2) demonstrate an adequate number of pharmacists within a reasonable proximity to insureds. Requires a preferred provider agreement to provide for the reimbursement. The bill attempts to provide parity to pharmacists for reimbursement rates on vaccinations and other services.
Chamber Position: Oppose
Status: Heard in the Senate Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee, but no vote was taken.

Update/Chamber Action: Pharmacists testified that they should be paid at the same rate as physicians for services provided at their pharmacies. The Chamber testified against the bill; we have a standing policy that opposes mandates on health insurance benefits because of the potential for cost increases to those plans. Only fully insured plans were impacted by this legislation. Self-insured plans were not included in the bill.

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