Every body is different. Not everybody, but every single body.

Which means we all gain and lose weight differently. What works for my friend might not work for me in terms of weight loss, gain or general health. But what if you could find out exactly how your body is composed and then be given the tools and guidance to help you live your best life?

That’s just what On Target Health, the newest partner of the Wellness Council of Indiana, sets out to do through its employer-sponsored weight management programs that target obesity.

As we know, Indiana falls toward the bottom of the pack of health issues nationally. Obesity is expensive (adding $11.9 billion in increased health care costs) and adds to the outlay of medical claims compared with healthy weight workers.

How does the program work? Indiana Chamber Creative Director Tony Spataro recently got the opportunity to try out the technology, which measures both subcutaneous and visceral fat on your body, helps you better understand how your metabolism works and zeroes in on your health goals.

Here’s a bit from his experience:

I’m someone who tries to work out. I bike and try to eat right, but I stumble a lot. Sometimes it feels like I hit a plateau that I can’t seem to get past. My weight fluctuates, and I feel like I never can get rid of the beer belly that I’ve worked years to create. I get frustrated and generally give up after a period of time.

So, the idea that an organization can get a more scientific look at my body and help develop a personalized plan for me, was very appealing.

I walked through the door at On Target Health, starving and low on caffeine. (I was directed to not eat four hours before the appointment.)

A team from On Target Health greeted me and helped walk me through the process. Step one was a 30+ questionnaire about my current eating habits, workout routines and desires to make a change.

Next, I’m brought to a room with a breathing device, which measures oxygen consumption – a direct relation to metabolism.

Now for the fun BodPod, which measures fat through air displacement. The pod is set up by getting a reading of the air inside without anything in it. Then a cylinder is placed inside with set dimensions already in place. Once I see a green light, I step inside, and it feels like I’m going to be frozen for science or sent off into space. But after three 40-second intervals inside the pod, I’m still just in a pod on Earth.

What I found after getting my results was that I didn’t realize how out of shape I am. That’s the fascinating part about this whole system. You receive scientific results of your body composition, a breakdown of your metabolic rate and your percentage of body fat versus lean mass (which is everything outside of fat – including bone, organs, etc.) and you start to understand your individual body and what you can do to become healthier.

Following the discovery phase, those that go through the experience can be part of a 16-week education program for their personal path to wellness. On Target Health even comes to your workplace!

As part of the partnership, Wellness Council of Indiana member companies are eligible for a discount on the weight management programs.

For more information about how to become a member of the Wellness Council of Indiana or learn more about the partnership with On Target Health, visit www.wellnessindiana.org or call (317) 264-2165.

Charlee Beasor is the communications & PR manager for the Indiana Chamber. She is also a writer for the Chamber’s award-winning BizVoice magazine and has been with the organization for eight years.