Senate Bill 4 – Water and Wastewater Utilities and Runoff
Authored by: Rep. Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso)

This bill will establish study areas and require the Indiana Finance Authority to conduct annual meetings in the study areas with water utilities. The goal is to set priorities and needs for investment in infrastructure as well as the prudent management of water resources. The measure also requires water utilities to conduct water audits for “lost water” which will help set priorities for needed infrastructure investment. It also fixes some confusion created in Senate Enrolled Act 362 (2018) in that it defines that a wastewater treatment plant (for regulatory purposes) does not include wastewater​ treatment plants installed by businesses to treat their own wastewater.​

Chamber Position: Support

The Latest:
Passed the Senate Utilities Committee 9-0 on Thursday.

Chamber Action/Commentary: The Chamber testified in support of this bill in committee. This bill is consistent with the Chamber’s past positions on water resources and one of the drivers of the Chamber’s Indiana Vision 2025 plan, which has identified water resources as an important consideration in economic development.

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