In response to workforce needs and demands, the Indiana Chamber has launched a new training series titled “BOOST”, which aims to provide that jumpstart for employees by helping them acquire the skills needed to be effective in today’s workplace.

When employers find people to fill their positions who have the technical skills, these newcomers often haven’t yet advanced their soft skills. These are fundamental skills that dramatically impact overall job performance and career development. The Chamber wants to do its part to make sure employers and employees have the tools they need to succeed.

Soft skills are what make a person stand out but are not necessarily learned in a textbook. Things like a strong work ethic, interpersonal skills, problem solving, time management, flexibility and teamwork are the foundational qualities for successful employment.

The BOOST: Soft Skills Training for Your Workforce series begins October 3-4 at the Indiana Chamber Conference Center (downtown Indianapolis) with the topic, Customer Satisfaction: Striving For Excellence Every Time. The session will be presented by Mike Polites, corporate trainer for Training Group Inc. Cost for the initial two-day session is $599 for Chamber members; list price is $699.

Subsequent topics for the 2019/2020 series will be:

  • Communications/Interpersonal Skills, October 29
  • Cross Department Communication/Conflict Management, November 14
  • Presentation Skills, December 5-6
  • Stress Management/Work Life/Time Management, January 16
  • Building Self-confidence and Assertiveness, February 13
  • Team Building/Decision Making/Using Good Judgement, March 5

You can register for a BOOST event at

The Indiana Chamber provides a wide range of opportunities to assist companies through its Institute for Workforce Excellence®, which is dedicated to helping businesses attract, develop and retain top talent. Education offerings, like the BOOST series, are an example of the available resources to drive a highly skilled and productive workforce.

Resource: Jason Bearce at (317) 264-6880 or email: [email protected]