On Thursday, Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) sent a letter to President Trump urging him to extend an executive order, which expired on September 30, that requires two federal regulations to be eliminated for every new regulation.

Messer is also authoring legislation that would codify President Trump’s executive order into law and make it permanent. In addition to requiring that two regulations be eliminated for every new regulation, the executive order also requires the cost of any new rule or regulation to be fully offset so that no additional burden is added to the economy or taxpayers.

“The American economy and taxpayers are being crushed by endless and often unnecessary federal regulations,” Messer said. “Hoosiers expect us to get the size of the federal government under control. Making this executive order permanent will reduce the size of federal bureaucracy, get the government out of the way and help kickstart the economy.”

A 2016 study found federal regulations from the previous year cost the American economy nearly $1.9 trillion in lost growth and productivity.

In January, as part of the REINS Act, the House passed an amendment authored by Messer that would require every federal agency issuing a new rule to repeal or amend at least one existing rule, to offset any costs on the U.S. economy.