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TechSlinger, LLC

TechSlinger, LLC

The TechSling is an innovative technology holster for everyone who carries their technology with them. Never have the fear of setting down your tablet or phone again. It’s safe and secure on you and ready for everything.

The TechSling was created for the business professional, doctors, pilots, and all who need their technology with them all day long.

Nathan, the inventor and owner shares that his iPad® quickly displaced his notebook at home – and then at work. When the idea of a holster for the tablet first crossed his mind, he Googled it and found nothing.

A few weeks later, on the road again and still on the hunt for a solution, he had some spare time, which led to a visit to a couple of box stores and specialty shops. By midnight, he had “Frankensteined” a pop-riveted TechSling to life.

There are a few different types of TechSlings:

The TechSling (Standard 10″, Mini 7″, or X11 larger tablets) includes a single snap pocket compatible with: Apple iPad® (all generations); ASUS VivoTab Smart; 7″ tablets, as well as larger 10.5″ or 11″ tablets

  • The right side includes a 3 x 4.5″ snap pocket compatible with: Apple iPhone® (all generations); Samsung Focus.
  • The TechSling also includes a 7 x 6.5″ zipper pocket for holding: two pens (via built-in straps); wallet; extra battery; cables; and accessories.

The TechSling Sport lets you work hands-free with immediate access to your tablet or smart phone. But, this product is made with a breathable, lightweight material. This is not water repellant, but great for a bit larger tablet or phone, or those with large, heavy duty cases such as the Otterbox or Survivor Case.

Sling Solo 10″ or 7″: Those who don’t want to wear a full TechSling; here is your solution, and it’s still safe and secure under your jacket. Sling Solo 10″ or 7″ is designed to hold the tablet, along with most smart phones.

The Side Order, 10″ or 7″: Drop the apron instead of your tablet and improve your table side POS solution: Restaurants, your staff will look professional while receiving orders and interacting with your customers. Don’t leave your technology back at the wait station or forgotten on a table. The Side Order is designed to keep your tablet safe and secure, at your side, allowing you the freedom to tend to your customers’ needs. It’s designed either open or with a vinyl cover, depending on your need.