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Specialty Coating Systems

Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) specializes in conformal coating services, systems and technologies. SCS is a descendant of Union Carbide Corporation, the company that developed and first commercialized the Parylene coating process in the 1960s. Today, SCS operates nine coating facilities around the globe and has the largest team of R&D, application and production engineers in the industry.

SCS offers industry-leading Parylene conformal coating services. Ultra-thin Parylene coatings offer excellent barrier and surface properties to protect components such as circuit boards, sensors, MEMS, LEDs, stents, pacemaker components, electrosurgical tools, and elastomers within the medical device, electronics, automotive and military/aerospace industries. Additionally, SCS offers selective spray and dispense systems, spin and dip coating systems, cure ovens, and ionic contamination testing systems that increase reliability and efficiency in laboratory and production settings around the world. SCS’s world headquarters are located in Indianapolis.


  • Carla Gillespie, Marketing Communications Manager

  • (317) 244-1200, ext. 290