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 Rook Consulting

 Rook Consulting

Originating in Silicon Valley, Rook Consulting is an IT risk strategy firm consisting of talented consultants who sincerely believe that traditional information-security strategies must be improved to provide more business value in today’s dynamic environment. Now operating out of Indianapolis, we dedicate our work to providing clients with advisory services that challenge the status quo. We believe that IT security, compliance, and risk management should not be as complicated for businesses as it is today.

We stand by our clients during the entire life cycle of an IT risk management program through our model of assess, improve, and operate. We assess your current state, improve on identified vulnerabilities, and assist your team through daily operations. When an IT risk management program is built with cross-functional expertise from technologists, financial strategists, process ninjas, and marketing gurus, we believe that great things happen and sustainable improvement can be realized. We utilize leadership and expertise to empower our clients to focus on responsibilities to their customers. Rook challenges the status quo, while continually improving IT risk management programs.