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Autism Society of Indiana

Autism Society of Indiana

Since 1998, the Autism Society of America – Indiana (ASI) has worked to raise awareness about autism, to promote early diagnosis and early intervention thereby helping people on the autism spectrum have the fullest and most successful journey possible. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

What makes ASI unique is our role in providing front-line support at all stages, from birth through the entire lifespan of someone with autism. When a child is diagnosed with autism, it is often an overwhelming experience for parents… what do they do next? Where do they turn?

On a weekly basis, ASI receives dozens of calls from people around the state: teachers looking for help, families looking for guidance, therapists looking for training, grandparents who suspect something may be wrong with a grandchild and want information to help convince the parents to get some kind of educational testing done.

It is our mission to answer these questions, providing support through the lifespan. We offer an experienced hand to guide families through the daunting maze of resources.

We convene these same stakeholders – clinicians, physicians, researchers, educators, related service organizations, state and local governments – to present a unified front in the face of complex challenges. We connect families to others who have dealt with similar experiences. We bring their stories where they need to be heard: to schools, health providers, first responders, decision makers and the general public.